CHEMICAL WARFARE: Biological and Nuclear counteracting Chemical Agents like nerve agents, vesicants,  cyanogenic agents, pulmonary agents, riot control agents (tear gases), psychomimetic agents, toxins; counteracting Weapons of Mass Destruction in all phases: delivery - dispersion - thermal/aerodynamic dissemination; decontamination procedures.


ELECTRONIC WARFARE: measures, countermeasures and count-countermeasures: Stealth technology, radar, sensoring, CNI (Communication, Navigation, Identification), ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance), jammer and anti-jammer devices, anti drone jammer, optical/night vision, UV rays and video cameras, perimeter security control, intrusion detection; special avionics systems; tactical communications, interception.


CYBER WARFARE: Offensive Defense against Cyberattacks: Ramsonwares, Worms, Denial of Service (DoS), Man in the Middle (MitM), Exploits (even Zero-Day); Sabotage; Espionage. Counteracting cyberterrorism. Security measures implementation: perimeter firewall, watch dog, secure coding, server management.

UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE: counterterrorism, hostages rescue, infiltration and ex-filtration, personnel recovery, psychological operations, target acquisition, explosives and hazardous materials handling, treatment and detection, neutralization and reconquer of airports, maritime ports, stations, military bases; use of unconventional equipment and vehicles; all other special operations.