ULTRA-SEC: Ultra-Gen AntiThreats & Ultra-Gen Firewall

After the next generation of security devices, we have created the Ultra-Gen® for the harsher industrial demands. Ultra-Sec it's a "bulletproof" series. We shake your hand and you can rest easy.


Ultra-Gen AntiThreats® is a comprehensive solution for the system's weak points, especially ICS/SCADA system. It has been designed to shatter all Software's threats: Virus, Malware, Worm, Exploit, Backdoor, Spywares, Keylogger, Buffer Overflow, Phishing, to stop Brute Force attacks and to prevent and annul Hardcoded, Ransomware and the most Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).


With the multi-level Excavator® engine, this ultra-gen system can does the unthinkable against the depth and expanding of infection, while thousand eyes screening integrated control module Hydra® seeks and aims even the most hidden malicious code, with the Ultra-Heuristic® system. 


You can also estabilish files access rules and rights for each user and only administrator can changes privileges, or you can select folder that you want to encrypt or entire units, as well as encrypt backup email storage. All encryption for secure data are based on AES 256 + RSA 4096 + Private Algorithm [a key deviation algorithm].


No danger will ever again undermine in your system and you'll stop Insider Threats, so avoid Internal Employee Incidents.




















Ultra-Gen Firewall® is composed by a Ultra-Sensor IDS that scans the entire perimeter of your Network, a powerful Ultra-Radar IPS, that denies bad network traffic, behind the Firewall that allow the legitim flow of services, port opening, IP addresses, etc. You can let the firewall handles the entire system to have a ultra-secure communications and no worries, or activate the manual mode, to personal interact with all modules and regulate network viability, watching the flux and managing what can enters and leaves your system.

In any case, Ultra-Gen Firewall® will prevents all Network attacks, like Denial of Service [even PDOS and TDOS], Syn-Flood, Man in the Middle (MitM), Eavesdropping, Communications Hijacking, Non-Standard Attacks as Forwarding and Replay (or Playback) Attack, Multi-Threats Attacks [ex.: Malware Proxy], ARP poisoning and all other Network threats/attacks. Endpoints will be secure and each employee will have his specific role.

This system will permits you to estabilish which websites, email addresses, IP addresses, until the last packet are allowed or not with Ultra-Filter®You'll can remote control HMI without dangers. No one will be able to connect on VNC to your IP address without your permit. Your communications will be encrypted by Ultra-Com® VPN and you'll transfer information totally safely, with military grade security of AES-256 encryption and a lot of protocol and server which you can connect, but if you prefer, you'll have your private IP address. 


Get rid of Data Leakage, HMI attacks, prevent Information Warfare and Corporate Espionage.


Free Trial is referred to the only software package. The comprehensive system is composed by a Router Firewall + other devices if you want to connect PLC and other components of your plant.


Ultra-Gen AntiThreats®




Ultra-Gen Firewall®


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In addition to the above product, we install and manage all SCADA's components.

In particular, we are proud distributors and installers of Automation products, like Industrial PC, PLC systems, Vision systems, Safety Technology, Motion control, Robotics components, Network and Bus modules, Accessories, Hardware and Software.

You won't find a commercial product by us.

We create innovation in Industrial Automation.

Our are Ultra-Gen PLCs
® and RTUs®, programmable beyond than already seen, and Ultra-Gen IEDs® are connected to an Ultra-Tech Platform, for the total control, connectivity and no other infrastructures. This means processes' speed, scalability and no additional costs and maintenance.
Software compound is Qubes OS based, a compartmentalised Operating System, thought the most secure existing OS and presides all executive functions over the SCADA and all its components.
This system is named Ultra-Gen Lambda®.
You'll programming, integrating, upgrading, connecting, expanding and monitoring with a never seen ease and speed, ever in maximum control that you deserve.

OT Security from sensors and actuators DCS, to RTU and PLC, HMI, till the Server, in all lifecycle, is ensured by a secure boot, firewall-built-in every components which performs the deep packets inspection and communications through AES-256 encryption, to prevent attacks like Man in the Middle (MitM), DNS or IP spoofing, Denial of Service, Syn-Flood, PDOS, TDOS and any other attempts to abusive accesses.
All Ultra-Gen Lambda®'s system and all components meet the
Nistir 7268 and IEC 62443-4-2 requirements
with Security Level 4 (SL4), the highest security level in this Standard of Industrial Automation Control Systems (IACS).
This results in the effective safety against Cyber Warfare, Terrorism, Data Leakage, Internal Threats, Cybercrime, Industrial Espionage and a comprehensive system capable of preventing or halting any complex attacks, but ensuring utmost performance.

It's also deployed a rapid fault isolation. Our technical will be at work for you within 3 hours*.


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We work with ROS-IndustrialDeep Learning and many Algorithms, so we'll find a right solution for your Industrial Plant, of whatever type it is.

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