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Want to have more information about our EMS Services, or are you a Federal Agency in full pandemic status? If you are a CEO which want know more about our ICS and SCADA security or design, assessment, if you are interested in our Cybernetic solutions, Cybersecurity sofwares like the Ultra-Gen AntiThreats and Ultra-Gen Firewall of Ultra-Sec line, Biometric systems, or you're only curious about our SpecOps services, contact us for a meeting.

Chief Medical Officer

DR. K. SMITH   Graduated as Medical Doctor in Jul 2013 with vote 130/130 cum Laude in Italy in Medicine & Surgery - Clinical and Experimental Medicine, then she attended the hard courses, like Airborne Parachutist Course, HALO/Free-fall, SCUBA Diving Combat, Survivalism and more. She also knows very well Cyber and Electronic Warfare measures, countermeasures and strategies. She's a computer specialist.
She knows all kind of combat, free-hands or with firearms, explosives, mine disposal and all other weapons existing.
K.'s also a finest Combat Medic.



Biologist, Biotechonlogy Expert

DR. I. MCALLAN  Graduated as Biologist in the Phoenix University with votation 130/130. He's starting works for a big pharmaceutical company.
He's a researcher and his most important publications are in regard of human behavior, in case of emergency and alarm status. Well-known his studies on "Fight or Fly" reaction. 
Now he works for MilMed Corporation as researcher and Chairman.

EMS Chief

CAP. M. MURRAY    Discharged with rank of Captain after 25 years of service carried out in US Army, then in US Air Force as Combat Medic.
Bachelor's Degree obtained in Sep. 1996, at the Dallas Univesity, as Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic.
He perfectly knows all the medical emergency and evacuation procedures, besides the tactical techniques, that make him a complete Combat (Para)Medic.
He's still active in the EMT National Registry and he volunteers at various Center of Texas.

Security Engineer

ENG. S. DUSTMAN  Graduated in Systems Engineering at The University of New Mexico with 130/130. He perfectly knows Industrial scenario and all security systems and devices to ensure in an ironclad every Industry, from a mechanical, electrical, electronic point of view... but especially, electromechanical and cybernetic. Industrial Control System and SCADA are his major fields of expertise, but IT Cybersec too. He also knows all about Software Engineering, Secure Coding and Cyber Threats, as well as Robotics and Industrial Automation.